Thursday 13 August 2015

AGM Minutes 10 August 2015

The attendees were Bob Perry (Chairman), Stuart Green (Secretary), Eddie Burke, Peter Windows, Mike Judd, Tony Cooling, Clive Ferry, David Fuller and Stephen Hill

Apologies for absence Gwyn Price, Ray Rhodes, Tom Healey and David Hackney

Minutes of the 2014 Annual General Meeting The Secretary read the minutes and the meeting agreed that these be accepted.

Matters arising thereof Clive Ferry mentioned that he and Peter Windows, with the advice and help of Steve Emmerton, had now become able to operate the new club website.

Treasurer's Report Copies of the club accounts had been provided in advance by Ray Rhodes (Treasurer). These showed the balance of £60.13 brought forward has become £114.13 on 1st August 2015. Since operating expenditure for 2015-2016 will be slightly less than last year, the club would be aiming for an excess well over £170 if member's fees are kept at £10. This would allow us to buy an extra 3 digital clocks.
    Eddie Burke wondered whether we could aim to afford 4 new clocks, as that would cover a future possibility that a 5-man team and a 4-man team may play at home on the same night, still leaving one clock spare.
    Tony Cooling kindly offered  to pay for one clock so that Eddie's suggestion could be acted upon. Eddie Burke said that he would share this payment with Tony.
    Thus, it was proposed by Peter Windows that the Treasurer's Report be accepted, that annual fees be kept at £10 per member, and that the club should buy 4 new digital clocks. This was seconded and the proposal was passed.

Chairman's Report on the 2014 - 2015 season Bob Perry gave a summary of the activities of the previous year, noting that we had retained the Division 5 trophy and had added another in the Intermediate Cup, giving the club its most successful season for some years.
    The next season will start with the annual South Potteries Cup match against Fenton on 21st September to be held at Meir.
    Several of our members provided items for a Christmas Hamper for the Legion branch to raffle for funds. This raised about £150 and we received thanks from the branch committee for our gesture. (It was agreed that we would do something similar again this year).

Next season's teams  The A Team will compete in Division 3, the B Team in Division 4, the C and D teams in Division 5. The club has also entered a team in the Major Cup (under 150 grade) and 2 teams in the Perry Trophy (under 110 grade).

Election of Officers
    Bob Perry (Chairman), Ray Rhodes (Treasurer) and Stuart Green (Secretary) were re-elected unopposed.

Election of Team Captains Steve Hill indicated that he would like someone to take over as captain of the Division 3 team. Peter Windows said he was willing to take this role and it was proposed by David Fuller, seconded by Tony Cooling, that Peter be elected This was carried unanimously.
    Clive Ferry (Division 4 team), Bob Perry (both Division 5 teams) and Ray Rhodes (South Potteries Cup team) were re-elected unopposed.
    Steve Hill (Major Cup), Stuart Green and Bob Perry (the A and B teams in the Perry Trophy) were proposed and elected.

Captains' responsibilities The Chairman pointed out that the NSDCA results secretary, Steve Emmerton, has provided a scoresheet for match results on his website. Team captains should use this version and enter their team with players and their grades.
    The match result should be e-mailed to Steve Emmerton as soon as possible (within 48 hours, preferably less) on this scoresheet.
    One advantage to captains is that they will have the full details of the opposing team before play begins and will be able to check that they are playing an eligible team i.e within grade limit constraints and not violating the '15 point rule'.
   The Club Secretary will provide team captains with a list of players' grades for the teams in their league division and a copy of the full list will be placed in the chess storage cupboard.

County matters Five of our members played for Staffordshire teams last season and the Chairman asked that any members willing to be considered for county teams for the coming season should inform himself or Stuart Green.

Royal British Legion and ECF membership The Chairman pointed out that all Royal British Legion members should have been notified that fees from October 2015 will be paid to the RBL payments team directly instead of being collected by branch officials. If members have not acted on this they should do so immediately by contacting the RBL on 0808 802 8080.
    ECF membership is due for renewal by the end of this month; ECF usually send a reminder before the due date.

Any other business Stuart Green said that he had noticed that the obsolete club website that we are unable to close down now contained a notice that the site has been replaced by a new Meir Chess Club website. The internet address for our new site is given, although not as an active link.
    There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.50 pm.