Wednesday, 6 December 2017

MEIR 'B' Results - September to December 2017

MEIR 'B' Results - September to December 2017


02/10.            Meir  B   1  -  Meir C   3


  A win for Ewan over Dave H. Otherwise Roger,Bob and           Martin lost to Ray,Eddie and Tony respectively.


11/10.           Meir  B    1  -  Crewe  F   3


  A win for Stuart against PhillipWright was the only bright spot with Ewan, Dave H. and Simon all losing.


16/10.          Meir B  1.5  -  2.5   Cheddleton I


  Roger lost to Colin Abell and Gwyn lost to Josh 

Brown. Bob drew with David Hallen and Martin beat

 Ali Arshad.      


Thursday, 31 August 2017

2017 / 2018 - New Season - Meir Chess Club

Welcome to the 2017 / 2018 Season.

The Season commences with the traditional South Potteries Cup Fixture against Fenton on the 18th. September. It is our turn to host this event and Ray is the Meir Team Captain so he will be chasing round to get the best Team out on the night to attempt to dethrone Fenton who won last year.

This Season we are fielding three teams in the North Staffs. League with Captains as follows:-

Team           Division         Captain

A                        3               Clive Ferry

B                        5               Bob Perry

C                        5               Ray Rhodes

Good Luck to all our players in the new season!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Summary of Results - Meir B. January to March2017

09/01 Meir B 1 : 3    Alsager B.              LOSS. Win for Dave H.

23/01 Fenton B. 3 : 1 Meir B                  LOSS. Only Steve and Ray Draw. 

10/02  Cheddleton E. 1.5 : 2.5  Meir B  WIN. Wins for Steve and Eddie and                                                                                      a Draw for Ray.

13/02 Meir B  1 : 3 Crewe  C.                 LOSS. Draws for Peter and Tony.

27/02  Meir B  3 : 1  Cheddleton F        WIN.   Clive, Peter and Dave H. all win.

22/03  Stafford  B   2.5 : 1.5  Meir  B.   LOSS. Win for Clive and Draw for Ray. 

27/03  Meir  B   1 : 3  Newcastle  E.      LOSS  Draws for Clive and Peter.




Sunday, 9 April 2017

Summary of Results - January to April 2017 - Meir 'A'

18/01  Newcastle D.  1 :  3  Meir A.         WIN.   Wins for Clive and Peter and                                                                                           Draws for Steve and Dave F.

30/01  Meir A 1.5 : 2.5  Cheddleton D.   LOSS.    A Win for Steve & a Draw                                                                                              for Peter.

14/02  Kidsgrove 0.5 : 3.5 Meir A.          WIN.     Wins for Peter, Clive and Dave F.                                                                                   and a Draw for Steve.

20/02  Meir  A   2  :   2     Alsager  A.      DRAW  Win for Dave F. and Draws for                                                                                       Steve and Peter.

06/03  Meir  A  2.5 : 1.5  Cheddleton C.  WIN      Wins by Peter and Dave F.                                                                                              and a Draw from Steve.

03/04  Meir A  3.5  :  0.5  Crewe  B.         WIN.   Wins for Clive, Peter and Dave F.                                                                                   a Draw from Steve. 

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Meir C Results January to April 2017

04/01  Crewe  D.             1 : 3  Meir  C.            WIN.Wins for Peter, Stuart                                                                                                        and  Ray.

16/01  Meir  C.               2 :  2   Newcastle F.    DRAW Wins for Peter and Stuart.


03/02  Cheddleton H. 2.5 : 1.5 Meir C.             LOSS   Win for Tony and a draw                                                                                                 for Peter.

22/02  Crewe  E.  1 : 3  Meir C.                          WIN      Wins for Peter, Stuart                                                                                                       and Bob.      


2nd.January - Meir A v Alsager A - Postponed to 20th. February.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

21st. December - Newcastle 'E' v Meir 'B'

Meir 'B'; not wanting to be upstaged by the recent victories from the 'A' Team, went to Newcastle and won with a 0.5 : 3.5 Scoreline.

Wins for Clive, Peter and Bob (yet again!) and a good Draw from Tony gave us an early Christmas Present!

Seasons Greetings to all our Readers!

19th. December - Meir 'A' v Fenton 'A'.

It's like waiting for Buses! ; You wait for ever then two come along in quick succession!

Thanks to wins from Clive on Board 2 and Dave F. on Board 4 plus Draws from Steve and Peter making this a night to remember with a second win for the 'A' Team. Well done Chaps!

14th. December - At Last a win for the 'A' Team at Crewe!

Meir 'A' Travelled to Crewe to battle with their 'B' Team and returned victorious.

Wins from Clive, Peter and Dave F. on boards 2, 3 and 4 respectively did the business for the 'A' Team; much to the Captain's relief! Good Work!

12th. December - Meir 'B' play Stafford 'B'

A win from Peter and Draws from Clive and Dave H. gained a point for the 'B' Team.