Tuesday 18 September 2018

South Potteries Chess Challenge - 2018 _ Fenton v Meir

The annual new Season precursor seems to be getting more of a challenge each year.
This year Fenton won by 6.5  to  Meir's 3.5 which on the basis that Fenton's total gradings were 1275 versus Meir's 881, wasn't surprising!

There were some remarkable performances on the Meir side with Steve beating Gerald Acey giving away 43 grading points and Clive beating Petru Floresc for the second year running whilst being 58 points lower.

Three good draws were achieved by Stuart on board 5 (outgraded by Steve Emmerton 48 points),
Dave Hackney outgraded by Stuart Hull 32 points and Martin outgraded by Ernest Wilkinson 26 points.

The rest of the games went true to form but a good night was had by all.
Many thanks to the Fenton Lads.